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Pranav Gupta

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I am a homo sapiens who loves understanding how the nature works. As some of you may know by now that this field of studying nature is called science. Physics forms the base of all sciences. But I am not here to tell you about this. I am here to tell you about me. I got really interested in this field in 7th grade when the Mars T.V. series premiered on National geographic. I caught the glimpse of space exploration and I wanted to learn what was the tool we used to get there. I later learned that it was mainly physics that helped us get there. I started exploring this field to the extent that I have now decided to become a theoretical physicist.

I am 17 years old right now and studying in 12th grade. My residence is currently in India.

I decided to start this blog in order to share some of this knowledge(and also because I was bored of staying quarantined at home).I would love your suggestions and questions for this blog. So, please feel free to contact me(details are below).

Hope to see you soon!!!


  • E-mail- gupta.pranav1879@gmail.com
  • I also have a social media account on twitter(link below), facebook (you can follow the official fan page of my blog ‘The beginning’ via the link below) and goodreads(link below).