The beginning of time

At night, when you look up in the sky, what do you see darkness, right? Have you ever wondered why does the sky with an infinite number of stars appear dark?

If there an infinite number of stars then the sky should be bright enough to blind us even at night. But this does not happen. The most plausible explanation for this is that our universe had a beginning i.e. time itself had a beginning.

Cosmologists have hypothesized something called The big bang theory to explain the beginning of our universe that we know and live in. Why? You may ask. Think about it once!!!

The reason is because our universe is expanding. They thought that at one time have our cosmos must have been a ball of infinite density which must have expanded like a cloud and it’s expansion will slow down as time passes and eventually stop.

Another more important verification for the big bang theory is cosmic microwave background radiation. The first 380,000 years in which our universe expanded photons(or light as you may call it) was not free to travel. After that the first photons or electromagnetic radiation was released. The wavelength of the radiation which was released, has now expanded to the microwave region. We have even mapped the CMB remnants of the observable universe(see below).

Notice the dark regions(That is where the matter collided to from new stars, galaxies etc).

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